Standard table sizes are 4, 6, & 8 foot long, 30 inches tall and 30 inches deep. We can however, produce custom sizes to fit any table you have.

Our table covers are produced from fabric specifically designed to the standards of the hospitality industry. It has an elegant appearance, and excellent drape ability while also being durable, wrinkle resistant, washable, and fire retardant. We also have other fabrics available including Linens, Nylon, Satins, or even Suede.

We produce table drapes either thru our dye sublimation process, Appliqué, or a combination of both methods. The solid drape color chart is available here

Accent Runner
A strip drape that only covers part of the table usually used
with a traditional solid color table drape.

Table Throw
A flat drape that drapes over your table covering all 4 sides.
Also available in a 3 sided version with open back.
A flat drape designed only to cover the table not the sides.
Fitted Box
The table drape is sewn in a box shape to fit the table covers all 4 sides.