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Dye Sublimation:

By combining specialized dyes with high resolution inkjet printing, we have taken
advantage of the digital printing revolution and the proven method of fabric dye
sublimation. Since the image is dyed directly into the fabric it will preserve the
inherent natural feel and suppleness.

The end result is a vibrant, lasting and washable product that can be used in any
environment. Note: Don't be confused by direct inkjet printing onto specially prepared
fabrics. These fabrics are coated to recieve the inkjet ink this coating not only
interferes with the natural characteristics and qualities of the fabric, but is usually
prone to bleeding, peeling, cracking, and wrinkling. 

Why Choose Dye Sublimation?
1. Any image can be reproduced, including photographs
2. Any number of colors or components can be used
3. Size is unlimited
4. There are no minimum quantities