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Appliqué comes from the French appliquer, which means to "put on".
Generally, the term describes the stitching on of cut fabric graphics to a fabric background. This traditional method of adorning banners and flags is centuries old. Appliquéd graphics are very robust and everlasting.

Why choose appliqué for your message?
1. If your design consists of simple components, it may be the least expensive method
2. You only need small quantities of each design
3. You wish to convey a message of heritage, distinction, & quality

What if I desire the look of appliqué but have components of my design that have complex elements or shading?
1. Actually, we can appliqué very intricate designs. It can get costly since pricing is based on complexity and time.

2. An effective solution is to combine our dye process for some elements of the graphic, which are then cut and stitched with the other components. For example a crest or shield can be dye sublimated to fabric profile cut and appliquéd with the accompanying text (see Photo below).