Bamboo Retractor Banner Display

Constructed of 90% renewable bamboo, the Bamboo Retractor is an environmentally friendly display solution for the exhibit, display and graphics markets. This sturdy and premium portable displays offers the same high performance attributes as other retractable displays. Its precision-engineered retraction system makes it easy and quick to set up virtually anywhere. The high quality wood finish has a great look. Bamboo design is resistant against moisture & shrinkage. 

• Banner attaches to top rail and bottom roller with double-sided banner tape
• Holds a 33.5" w x 83.5" h graphic
• Top rail and bottom leader attachment uses strong banner tape
• Includes a padded cotton carrying case with shoulder strap for easy portability


Bamboo Deluxe "L" Display

Made of all natural Bamboo this one-of-a-kind display offers a unique look to display your banner. Lightweight and easy to setup, the Bamboo Deluxe "L" Display offers a clean floor-to-ceiling presentation. Fabricated from 95% Bamboo for an Eco-Friendly display option.

• Banner attached to top & bottom rails pole pocket
• Won't tip over, great for high traffic areas
• No tools required for set up
• No parts to lose
• Weighs just 7 lbs.
• Includes a padded cotton carrying case with shoulder strap

Bamboo Wood "X" Display

The Bamboo X allows your customers to quickly and easily set up their graphics. Simply unfold the display and attach a grommeted graphic.

• Attach banner with #2 grommets
• GRaphic 24" x 63" finished
• Includes soft carrying case 
Bamboo Deluxe Banner Display

Your customers will attract attention to their graphic with this uniquely designed Bamboo display. The adjustable pole allows for graphics sized up to 2" high. 

• Attaches to top and bottom rails with small pole pockets
• Includes a padded soft carrying case